A. Brother
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“Thus he killed many more when he died than when he lived.”
--Judges 16:30

            Our strength as men and women in Christ comes after death.  We haven’t begun to learn the secrets of true strength until we being the process of dying to ourselves, and our sins. (See Romans 6, and Galations 5) 
          In Sampson’s case, though called by God to lead Israel, he gave away his strength to women, and to pleasure, and wasted most of the precious time God had given him.  His story is a lot like some of ours, Christian brothers—a story dominated by thoughtless and selfish living.  Though called to great purposes by our God, we give ourselves to worldly passions and lowly goals. 
          It is by dying to ourselves that we live unto God. 
          Often, like Samson, the only way we begin to understand the Lord’s Way is when our strength is gone, and our eyes are gouged out.  Read the entire account of Sampson’s life.  He wasted much, but in the end, when he repented and gave himself wholly to God, he was used for a final, glorious purpose, and his life was given to save his own people, God’s people.
          It is never too late for those called by the Lord to fulfill their calling.
          But this calling is not of our own choosing.  Christ Himself is our Lord, and He will choose it.  He is all, and we must die to our own plans and schemes, for they come to nothing in the end.  Like Sampson, we come up with all kinds of clever, passionate ideas for delivering God’s people—he led a life of upheaval and violence, with compromise his constant companion—yet, in the end, the lesson of his strange and short life was his death.  It was by giving up his own life that he delivered God’s people.


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