Brothers, for those of us who have suffered their own deep losses, we have great love and empathy for those underwater, and losing their homes and worldly goods in the Nashville flooding right now.
As brothers in Christ, we weep with those who weep, and all would like to be there, giving help.
But we must take every new circumstance, at least those of us who believe in God's Sovereignty, whether it's a family member being diagnosed with a debilitating and terminal disease, or it's a job loss, or it's a flood of epic proportions, with faith that our God and Father is going to teach us and change us into His image through this.  

However, more is required of us than just holding to God's promises of restoration.  God may be telling us to rebuild on a different foundation than before.  His foundation, Christ alone.  If what we have is gone, then let's begin again, without building what our own minds and hearts devise.  Let's go to our knees together, as many of us are doing right now who've experienced great losses, and pray for God to reveal Himself and His will to us together in these circumstances.

For one thing, it is a chance to open up our hearts and homes and lives to one another as never before in the Body of Christ.  It is time to break away from the longstanding church traditions, and go with the Biblical teachings of the Way of Love.  Reach out personally to others, and open your homes to invite them in.  Let those who lost their homes live with you.  Feed one another, open up your tables, loan out your bedrooms, your garages, your extra cars, your non-essential income to others now.  DON'T WAIT UPON THE CHURCHES TO ACT, BUT DO IT AS CHRIST'S OWN CHILDREN, COMPELLED BY HIS LOVE IN YOUR HEART.  YOU ARE THE EKKLESIA, THE CALLED OUT TO BE TOGETHER PEOPLE OF GOD, AND HIS OWN HANDS AND HEART.

Meet together and love one another in deed, as well as in word, as James says.  Forget your church buildings, and do it in your homes, in your businesses, in your public places.  Show the love of Christ in front of the world, without shame.  Let all those who Name the Name of Jesus right in Nashville be the ones who lead the way of love back to restoration for Nashville--not the donations of thousands who see it on TV from other places.

This is a time to prove that your faith is actual and real!!  Brothers and sisters, don't hold back, but in Christ's Name give one another His love--laying down your own comforts and conveniences for those who suffer in this flooding.  And while you do that, speak and sing to one another the greatness of God, and His love, and embrace one another in your suffering.  Become one in heart and mind, and let the Lord show what He wants rebuilt and how.

All comfort from the God of all comfort,
A. Brother  



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