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“When she heard about Jesus,
she came up behind Him in the crowd
and touched His cloak, because she thought,
‘If I can just touch Him, I will be healed.’
Immediately her bleeding stopped
and she felt in her body that
she was freed from her suffering.
At once, Jesus realized
that power had gone out from Him.
He turned around in the crowd and asked,
‘Who touched My clothes?’”
‘You see the people crowding around you,’
his disciples answered, ‘and yet
you can ask, ‘who touched me’?”
--Mark 5:27-31

“…the reality, however, is found in Christ.”
--Col. 2:17

          The reality is this:  we have nothing until we touch Christ, and His power goes out into us and heals us.  We are nothing without Jesus.  Christ is all, as Paul notes in Colossians 3:11. 
          There is no such thing as a “Christian life”, though we hear those words all the time.
There is only the Christ-life.  Many live around Christ, and do things that make themselves feel as if they are near Him.  Yet Jesus is looking for people who will press through the religious crowds, and through the traditions, and through the confusion, and touch Him. 
          Jesus was in a crowd, many of whom were following Him around to hear Him speak, to see Him, to be around Him.  Yet in the crowd, He felt it clearly when one sick woman touched Him.  He felt her gentle touch on His robe, not because her hand was insistent, or because she was loud, or because she grabbed Him.  No, He felt her touch because she was touching Him in faith.  She thought, she told him later, that if she could just touch Him she would be healed.
          That is our lesson, short and sweet.  We must reach out only for Jesus today.  Touch Him, because we want to be healed.


  1. Watchman Nee observed that there is only one Christian life, that of our Lord Jesus Himself. We are directed to "walk in His steps" and so we try to ask "What would Jesus do". Sounds good, but as you said, there is no "Christian life", only Christ life. The imitation of Christ has nothing to do with guessing what He would have done, and trying to do it, for this is the walk of the soul-man. But his destiny is to die (Gal 2:20), so that the resurrected Spirit man might be released.

    May we all seek to touch Him, for in so doing our perspective changes from soul to spirit. Once having touched His robe, we can not go back to the soul realm, for "He alone has the words of eternal life".

  2. Dear Brother:
    Great points. Many of us heard and tried the 'what would Jesus do?' thing years ago, and found it just another self-effort. It is all Christ.


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