Sunday, October 18, 2015

When God is silent, pray, hold on, have faith in Christ alone.

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The following message is included in the book.

God gives His Word to prophets at certain times.  There is not a continuous stream of information coming from Him.  He spoke through me for a time, and now for a time He has been silent.  These times are that much more sobering, for God has chosen to be silent.  When God is speaking there is hope.  When God is silent, that is the time to pray and hold on to faith in Him.  Right now, there is a shaking taking place around the world such as not been seen in centuries.  This is extreme, and is sifting those of us who claim to be believers like chaff from wheat.  The end is not as near as many want it to be.  The Father may wait to send Christ for another time and season.  We cannot predict, nor should we try.  Hold fast.  Be strong.  Help others.  Be faithful to Christ alone, and abandon all attempts at religion.  Look at what religion has done around the world, and see it for the evil it is.  It is man's way of avoiding Christ at all costs.

Your brother,
A. Brother


A. BROTHER'S FIRST BOOK RELEASED. "EVEN THE DEVILS HAVE RELIGION". 100 Collected Prophetic Words from A. Brother.

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