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A. Brother
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                The greatest miracle, and the only miracle by which men will believe in the Lord God and His Son Jesus, is the miracle of love.
            Jesus Christ came because God loved the world.  –John 3:16   
            Even the miracles He did among the people were ineffective at bringing true belief.  Jesus was confronted by the people, who didn’t believe He was the Christ, in spite of seeing all the miraculous things He did.  He told them they wouldn’t believe, even if someone were to rise from the dead.  –Luke 16:31 
          This wasn’t the type of miracle by which Jesus would change the world!
            Israel saw the power of God repeatedly through Jesus’ miracles.  The parting of the Red Sea was nothing in comparison to healing the eyes of one who’d been born blind.  Yet even watching that, they didn’t see Jesus for who He was.  The walls of Jericho falling were nothing in comparison to the power of God that raised Lazarus and brought him out of the tomb.  Yet the people didn’t acknowledge Jesus as Lord even when He raised a man from the dead in front of them, making Jesus’ prediction a reality.
            In truth, God could come down today and work miracles among us, and we would not necessarily fall on our knees and repent, acknowledging Him as Lord.  It is just not enough.
            Jesus told people that it was the hardness of their hearts that kept them from seeing who He was.  What would Jesus give that would change unbelief to belief?
            He would bring LOVE, which would be His greatest miracle of all.


            The Way of Love –1 Cor. 14:1 shows the world that God is real, and that Jesus is the Christ, in a more palpable, graphic, believable way than any miracle in the physical world could ever do.
            We, as God’s people, are called to perform this miracle in front of the world every day, and this, the greatest of miracles, will bring them to their knees, acknowledging the Father of Love, and His Son of Love, Jesus Christ.
            The Word of God repeats the use of two words more than any other in our language.  Those two words are LORD and LOVE.  They are inseparable companions.  You and I are charged, as people chosen by God and predestined to be conformed to His image, to show His Lordship by showing His Love.

            LOVE is the greatest of all miracles.
            LOVE is the proof, in a world of hate and fear, that God exists.
            LOVE is the highest expression of God’s character.
            LOVE is the Greatest Commandment, according to Jesus.
            LOVE is the first obedience for all disciples of Christ.
            LOVE is the means by which God wins the world to Himself.

            Every other thing we might do in life, including church rituals, religious acts, even moving mountains by faith, can be duplicated by Satan and his fallen angels. 
–1 Cor. 13   Jesus warned us that if we relied on physical miracles to guide us, we could be deceived by God’s enemies. –Mark 13:22
          But there is one miracle Satan cannot imitate. 
            He has no ability to LOVE.  Satan is loveless, and cannot fake that no matter how hard he tries.  His attempts are all around us, in the world’s obsession with romantic “love” and the sexual lust he tries to get us to think is love.  But he can’t create something he has no concept of.  He tries and fails every day.
            Jesus told His disciples, and He tells us today:

            “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another.”  --John 13:34,35


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